Travel Term Insurance

Travel80™ Term Travel Insurance

First in Canada – multi-year travel medical insurance
Designed to meet emergency medical travel insurance needs for years to come

About the Product

  • Emergency medical travel term insurance for any number of 30-day trips
  • For Canadians between the ages of 18 and 65, inclusive as long as the policyholder continues to have coverage under a Canadian provincial or territorial government health insurance plan
  • Guaranteed renewable annually
  • Matures at age of 80 when the policy terminates

Unique Advantages… for a long time

  • Annual premiums are based on age at application adjusted for inflationary costs and plan experience
  • The plan returns 50% of premium if the policyholder is claim-free for 10 years
  • Travel 80 is guaranteed renewable, regardless of any changes in health status, for the term of the policy
  • It offers guaranteed eligibility of top-up coverage for trips longer than 30 days

• Emergency medical travel insurance
•  For residents of Canada with provincial
government health insurance
• 30-day multi-trip plan
•  Multi-year plan, guaranteed renewable,
year after year
•  Premiums payable annually to age 80,
when policy terminates
• Apply between 18 to 65 years of age, inclusive
• Individually underwritten, no family plans
• No deductibles
•  Annual premiums based on age at receipt
of application
•  Effective 1st of the month following approval
of application
• Guaranteed renewable
• Return of 50% premium if claim free for 10 years
• Top up coverage available for trips over 30 days
• Policyholder can cancel anytime
Up to lifetime maximum aggregate of $5 million
CDN for:
1. Hospital & physician bills
2. Paramedical services
3. Ground ambulance transportation
4.  Dental treatment and relief of dental pain
and accident
5. Return of deceased
6. Medical evacuation home
7.  Meals, hotel, phone calls
8. Transportation to bedside
9. Return of dependent children
10. Return of travel companion
11. Vehicle return
12. Terrorism Coverage
• One policy that covers all trips.
• No need to apply every year or before every trip
•  Cover any number of 30-day trips (as long as you
have provincial government health insurance)
• Coverage to age 80
•  Guaranteed renewable, even if your health
• Locks-in your age at application
• Returns 50% premium if claim-free for 10 years
• Guaranteed eligibility for top-up
1. Buy young; benefit from lower premium age
2. Buy when healthy; to ensure eligibility
3. Apply at any age, 18 to 65
4.  Buy before 46 years of age and answer basic
medical questions
5. Buy as a gift for grandchildren/children
6.  Buy for grandchildren/children when they are
young adults
7. Buy as part of financial planning
8. Buy as part of retirement planning
9. Premium is eligible for a tax-credit
10.  If you are claim-free for 10 years, half your
premium will be returned
As with any insurance policy, conditions restrictions and exclusions,
apply. Consult the policy or your broker.
Travel80 Travel Term Insurance is underwritten by Manulife Financial.
Manulife Financial and Travel80 are registered service marks and
trademarks of The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and are
used by it and its affiliates, including Manulife Financial Corporation.