Life Insurance For Smokers

Why do life insurance companies charge so much more premium if

someone smokes cigarettes?

smokerIt is unfortunate that a smoker will have to pay close to double the premiums of what a non-smoker would have to pay. There is nothing that you can do about it though….except quit smoking.

The actuaries at an insurance company work with statistics, and averages, and find that a smoker has a shorter life expectancy than a non-smoker.

Of course there is exceptions, where a smoker will outlive a non-smoker, but on the average that is not the case, and insurers only care about averages.

What are the rules for smoking & Life Insurance?

quit smokingIt is very simple, and universal with most Canadian Insurance companies.

For you to be considered a non-smoker for life insurance, you need not have smoked or used any form of tobacco products, or smoking cessation products (such as nicorette gum, the patch, champix etc). This includes using Marijuana in any way , shape or form.

Special note for Pot users…. turns out that even if you don’t smoke the marijuana, but rather eat it in brownies or lolly pops, or what not, you are still considered a smoker for the purposes of life insurance.

Is there any exceptions when it comes to smoking & life insurance?

woman cigarYes! If you are an occasional Cigar smoker (the big fat stogies), and you don’t smoke more that 12 per year, you may apply as a non-smoker with some companies (ask us which)

Also, if you smoke cigarillos and some other form of tobacco, you may qualify for special rates, so please call us so we can find you the best deal.

Some insurers also have preferred smoker health rates, which are up to 30% cheaper than regular smoker life insurance rates. To qualify for that, it will depend on your overall health, and again, please consult with us to determine if you would be a candidate

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