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Special Message From Your Broker

Let me ask you a few very important questions:


What do you want to have happen when you die?


What do you want to have happen when you become disabled?


What do you want to have happen when you have a Critical Illness?


What do you want to have happen when you go to a nursing home?


What do you want to have happen when you retire?

These are the kinds of things we would be discussing on the phone or in person, should you choose me as your financial advisor.

First of all, the consultation is free. I actually enjoy advising you and sharing my 26 years of experience as a financial advisor.

Why am I the perfect advisor for you? Well, We don't actually know that yet... we may or may not be a match, but let me tell you a little more of what I'm all about, and you decide for yourself:

- Because I have an established financial practice, I have no need to sell you overpriced "high commission" type of products that don't benefit you. Instead I will advise you in the same way I would advise my own Mom or Dad. I understand that there is more to financial well being than just money, and money related products. Having studied Cash flow planning and being a certified Life Coach trained under Anthony Robbins and Cloe Madanes, I realize that human psychology, and being able to meet your 6 basic human needs are at the forefront of everything we do, and every decision we make (including financial decisions).

This, I found has been a great help in assisting my clients in understanding, how by changing the way they think about finances, drastically improves their financial situation.

As a broker with 25+ Canadian Insurance companies, I will give you a transparent view of what is available out there, and leave you in the drivers seat. In other words, I will not tell you what to do, but rather help you in making an informed decision yourself, that suits your needs.

I am so excited to start working with you!